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Discover Your Career Fit

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In this course, you are getting to know the real you and what career options are viable and thriving given the world of work today. You don’t have to see the full staircase ahead of you, and you don’t have to put together a firm, fixed 10-year-plan, but you have to start with the first step. Just as you wouldn’t set out on a long drive without some directions, you want to have a general mapping of your strengths, red threads, skills and the market before you set out on this journey. The Discover Your Career Fit course includes: 1) Seven (7) self-paced 20-30-min lessons 2) An official DiSC personality assessment 3) An official Clifton Strengths assessment 4) A self-paced online workbook, including a skills-gap analysis, market research template and habit-tracker 5) Individualized Action Plan 6) Access to a live monthly Q&A

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