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About Blue Pinecone 

Blue Pinecone Consulting is a boutique training and coaching consultancy that offers coaching, coaching training for managers, leadership development skills trainings and leadership and career development events. 

Why Blue Pinecone?

With her childhood mostly spent in Rome, Italy and having Sicilian as well as northern Italian roots, founder and president Lisa Spinelli carefully researched and selected the name of Blue Pinecone Consulting, because it had deep meanings to her roots, practice and goals.

Pinecones in Sicilian culture represent a wish for health, prosperity, and abundance. Pinecones have also been an ancient symbol for transformation and resilience. You will find many homes in Sicily and Southern Italy adorning a ceramic pinecone of all colors at the entrance and throughout the home. The color blue represents the color of trust and inspiration, which we bring to all our work here at BPC.

Another significance of the pinecone is the swirl of the pinecone and how it relates to the Fibonacci numbers, which are considered a mystical math sequence. We hope that through methodical science-backed programs, learnings, and coaching, we can offer a transformation of mystical proportions to all our clients.

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