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Fabian Camargo


I'm a Leadership and Management Coach with a background in software engineering. I had a 22-year career as a software engineer, making my way from entry-level engineer to Director. In the latter part of my career, I became fascinated by management and leadership. In the fall of 2017, I started an internal management coaching program. By 2019, coaching emerged as a great craft to express my passion for management. Coaching allows me to do one of the things I most enjoy: talking to people 1-1 and supporting them in achieving their goals. I have experience working as an internal coach, coaching members of a management team, and coaching individuals. While my specialty is coaching technical leaders in tech companies, I have experience working with leaders in varied fields including education, health, and people operations. I'm an ICF-certified coach (PCC) with a professional certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being from the University of George Mason.

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